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Friday, May 28, 2010


This is a great find. The great Jose Romanillos invites you into his shop while he makes a guitar and talks about the craft. José Luis Romanillos Vega was born in Madrid in 1932 where he learnt the craft of cabinet making from the age of thirteen. He moved to England in 1956 to work in psychiatric hospitals in Epsom and North London. He made his first guitar in London in 1961 and in 1970 he moved to Semley, Wiltshire, where he began his professional career as a guitar maker encouraged by Julian Bream, who played Jose L. Romanillos guitars for many years. In 1987 he published the biography of Antonio de Torres, the first book written about a Spanish guitar maker. He has lectured on the history of the Spanish guitar as well as giving courses in many countries on the development and construction of the Spanish guitar. Although he has retired from guitar making he keeps in close contact with his son Liam Romanillos who continues with the family tradition in Gillingham, Dorset. He has settled in Guijosa, Spain, where since 2001 he has organised, with his son Liam, a course on Spanish guitar making. He also continues with his research into the development and the history of the vihuela de mano and the Spanish guitar.

Here's part 2:

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